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  • hopefull
    07-06 04:13 PM

    22 diggs already. 500 diggs will make it a top story!




    SHORTCUTS ...huh ...??


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  • pd_recapturing
    06-19 10:12 AM

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  • gc_on_demand
    11-03 09:03 AM
    During lame duck session , Dems will not push for CIR and Republican will oppose it.

    They will come to compromise on Dream Act. Chances are there some pro legal - immigrant republican may add Visa recapture.

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  • vselvam
    07-02 06:20 PM
    Medical - 385
    Lawyer Fees - 1500
    Fees as MoneyOrder - 625 (I am not sure how I am going to get it)
    Others 200

    About $2700


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  • diptam
    08-15 12:38 PM
    Folks who got Rn is no more interested in Voting or talking about RN.

    They are opening threads for FP Notice etc - they are not looking backwards at us - What are you planning to do ?

    - My lawyer wants to refile (with no addional lawyer fees). Does it make any sense to re-file?

    - Is there a vote somewhere that shows how many july 2 files received receipt notices?

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  • lazycis
    12-28 11:25 AM
    how do I avoid that scenario?

    If I send some information to USCIS that I am invoking AC 21, they would not allow my employer to revoke I 140?

    Leave on good terms with your current employer. If that's not possible and you have a good reason to believe that they'll withdraw I-140, conduct a pre-emptive strike and file AC21 papers with the USCIS (a new employment offer listing job title, duties, salary). That will eliminate or at least minimize a headache associated with I-140 withdrawal. Employer is free to withdraw I-140 at any time and the USCIS cannot prohibit it. However, even if I-140 is withdrawn, your I-485 remains valid if you have a new employment offer. So no worries, just plan for it and act according to your gut feeling :)


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  • shozee
    12-30 07:22 PM
    Im july 5th filer .Filed I140 and I 485 conc .Opened SR for FP because didnt recieve it till NOV .In day after opening SR i got Fp notice .Obvously nothin to do with SR .Got reply for SR after a month which says " Status I-485 USCIS is waiting boimetrics info to produce permanent residency card "
    Any idea what would this statement mean ?
    I_140 & 485 fild July 5th 2007
    PD curent

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  • for_gc
    07-23 11:27 AM
    Hi Sanbaj,

    Congratulations for getting your GC !!

    What were the PD's on your two I140's ? Were you able to port the PD of EB3 to EB2 ?


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  • titu1972
    07-25 10:55 AM
    NSC: E-Filed June 02
    Document Send: June 02
    FP Done: June 26
    PD Will be current in Aug. Namecheck cleared since Nov 2007.

    Mine got approved on July 23. Didn't receive physical card.

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  • pady
    08-20 04:14 PM
    I tried to contact the attorney so badly until Aug 16th, but he never responded. I was able to get hold of him only on Aug 17th. I guess he was directed by my employer so.


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  • asharda
    06-27 10:33 AM
    It seems from your previous thread posts... you didn't wait till June 30th to file your wife's application, you filed it on the 6th...

    don't preach what you can't follow yourself...

    I beg you please close this thread!!! the other's are not agreeing to you, they are just playing along to see how far you can take this crazy idea...

    pls get out of here and stop bothering people who are trying to get answers so they can get ready to file thier applications.

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  • gaz
    12-20 01:56 PM
    +1 for CGNY. We had gone for our daughters PIO card and had her with us - the consulate folks were extremely helpful and helped us through the process quickly so that our daughter wouldn't go through any discomfort in spite of a huge rush. We were in and out in less than 30 minutes of reaching the consulate (kudos to the security screener especially who spotted us waiting in line and led us right in to the counter).

    Everyone was also very friendly and professional. I do agree with the phone calls responsiveness - we had a hard time reaching someone on the phone for our queries.


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  • snhn
    09-14 03:40 PM
    You have 2 H1s, can you do that. Are you working full time on both H1b visas. Please eloborate on that.


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  • daflyboy04
    07-17 09:53 AM
    hi people, i read all your comments about how the IV community feels about the DREAM Act, and how you guys dont know if it will benefit the children of legal immigrants that fall into a similar situation. Well i got good news for you people, i am a staff at Massachusetts Immigrant refugee advocate coalition and we had a talk with couple of staff from senators Hagel, and senator Lugar to confirm us which version of DREAM were they doing to introduce this week which most likely could be today or tomorrow. both staff members were positive that the version that will be introduce as an amendment to the defense bill will be word by word identical to S. 774 that was introduce early this spring. what this actually means is that this version of DREAM does not discriminate legal from illegal...... just wanted to clear all that out for you guys..... thanks


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  • shana04
    02-13 10:12 AM

    Thanks for the AC21 letter format. What do u mean 6yrs - minus remaining time? So, lets say, I'm in the 5th yr of my H1B. So the remaining time is obviously 1 year. My 485 is pending. So, will I get an extension of 6-1 = 5 yrs of H1 extension???:o If so...that wud be gr8. Pls emphasise on what u mean by that calculation.

    I mean to say 6yr - used time (if you are in 5th year) then it is
    6 - 5 = 1 yr remaining. (if 485 applied and you still have 140 approved - you still get only 1 yr ext)

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  • solaris27
    07-22 08:03 PM
    but for safer side try to work for 6 months .



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  • isantem
    07-29 01:20 PM
    Why is there no country limits for asylum, lottery and Green cards for undocumented in CIR bill?

    asylum - you are very funny
    lottery - acctualy they have a country limit
    green card - :confused:
    undocumented - we are talking about legal immigration (for gk_2000 also)

    Country limits is just a disguise for racism. !

    explain your logic please...........the limits are not based on Asian, African, Indian,etc........please check the dictionary to find out what it means racism.


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  • forever
    08-06 09:10 PM
    It looks like USCIS has deployed the same random selection program, used for new H1B selection, to process I-485 applications.:(

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  • bobzibub
    11-21 12:07 PM

    03-26 12:47 PM
    I sent an email about 2 weeks back to sanjay and I still have not recd any documents that I need to schedule my appointments and what I need to talk about. Please send me an email or PM to give me the guidance.

    Thanks from Michigan
    Sanjay or Varsha will get in touch with you.

    08-16 09:09 AM

    I am going to share with you what I have done regarding refilling and why I have done that.

    Call me a paranoid or something else but the fact of the matter is that time period between July 2nd and Aug 17th is a golden opportunity that may not present itself for several years now.

    Though the chances of my application getting rejected due to mail room error is less but in the game of probability everyone of us stand equal chances of getting hit by a thunder bolt.

    Just a side note - They install lightning rod on buildings to protect from lightening even though chances are 1 in 700,000. Well, my odds are much worse than that. Hence, I need to protect myself.

    Regarding filling multiple 485 applications, Rajeev Khanna has categorically stated in one of his meetings that he is doing it. And we all know he is a person of good reputation.

    There are two scenarios I can think about:
    a) My July 2nd is accepted: In such cases either my later filled application is automatically rejected or they will send me a letter asking me to choose one.

    Someone on one of his/her post had mentioned about stop payment idea. He may have a point. Call USCIS and you will find out that only thing they will do is reject your application, which is what you want if your earlier application is already in process.

    Somebody also stated just like what they did in H-1B cases on 04/02/07, they may reject both applications, well; H-1B case was different due to lottery system.

    b) My July 2nd application is rejected: Well, I just protected myself from a thunder bolt.

    Having suffered in Green Card race for so long, my risk taking capacity has greatly been reduced. I am not advising or urging anyone to take any action. I am just sharing what I did.


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