Thursday, November 24, 2011

Tie Dye Pattern

The Tie Dye Pattern and Design

Tie dye technique was used to stain natural fabrics. We will learn about the patterns of a few tie dye that can be used to design clothes. So you are fond of tie dye patterns, unique brightly colored tie, it is not! There are different tie dye patterns, and they are all equally charming. I'm sure he must have wondered how the artists manage to create these complex patterns. Well, most of the cool tie dye patterns, in fact, very easy to do, in fact, so easy that even children can do it! No heavy machinery or in any tissue including tie dye patterns, tie dye patterns easily involves only simple tricks. I'm sure you must be eager to learn how to tie dye a shirt, but before moving to the patterns easy to tie dye, let us understand exactly how a tie dye pattern is created. The method of creating a tie dye pattern is actually hidden in your own name! As its name suggests, a piece of cloth is tied in a series of knots, which is fastened with a chain and then stained, this is exactly what you must do for any tie dye pattern.

Tie Dye Design
There are many ideas that tie dye can be used to create amazing tie dye patterns. Let's look at a few tie dye designs.

Tie Dye spiral pattern
Take off your shirt wrinkled white and place upside down. No smooth wrinkles, choose a place you want to be the center of the spiral. Pick up the shirt from that place and begin to twist the material to form a tight roll. Turn the fabric as a command to achieve this roll. Hold the fabric between your thumb and forefinger and pull the loose ends in the roll with your other hand. Pull the ends in the same direction of the roll. Use 3 rubber bands to tie the roll tight together. Tie the rubber bands in a crisscross pattern and as a windlass. An adult shirt will have six color diagonal sections. You can use different colors for each section.
Tie Dye Pattern

Concentric circles and patterns Tie Dye
Place the shirt wrinkled face down. Pull the center of the shirt and tie with rubber bands. The width of the rubber bands will decide the width of their circles. Color circles with a color or color change between the rubber bands.
Tie Dye Pattern

Marble Tie Dye, and patterns
Take your white shirt and strain in a package. Random tie rubber bands around the shirt in a cross pattern. Soak wrinkled shirt in the dye bath.

Tie Dye Pattern

Tie Dye Pattern


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